About Us Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Mission

Caring with Passion
Amber Cat Vet cares passionately about every cat that walks through our doors, treating them with the utmost respect that they deserve.

Caring for Our Patients
We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that reflect our commitment to provide excellent veterinary care. We complement this with a conducive environment for owners to comfortably share their concerns with our veterinary professionals.

Caring for Our Clients
We are sensitive to all our clients’ needs. We ensure that all clients will gain a deeper understanding of their cats through comprehensive client education with our veterinary professionals, and we provide our services with absolute integrity.

Caring for Our Team
We pride ourselves in creating a harmonious work environment through fair workplace practices, nurturing every member of our veterinary healthcare team to their fullest potential. We recognise that motivated team members will in turn share their positive energy with all pets and owners.

Caring for Each Other
We seek constant constructive feedback from all people that we interact with, as this will allow us to perfect our continuous commitment towards all our animal friends.

Our Vision

Amber Cat Vet strives to be a leader in the veterinary industry on all fronts by providing a cohesive, dedicated, caring and responsible veterinary team, ensuring exceptional quality of care to patients and exemplary customer service to all clients.
We aim to provide all opportunities possible to enhance the bond between cats and owners. In doing so, we will positively impact the lives of all cats and owners who seek our care.