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Feline Dental Health Care: Issue 1

Feline Dental Health Care Healthcare for pets has improved dramatically in the past decades, and our pets are living longer and healthier lives than before. It is by no stretch of the imagination that problems which may have been overlooked in the past have now become important parts of routine preventative healthcare. In this series […]

A Stress Free Journey to the Vet Starts From Home

Thank you for booking an appointment for at Amber Cat Vet. As our feline companions are self-reliant, emotional, and highly-aware, we strongly believe that the stress-free veterinary visit experience begins at home. As such, we highly recommend that you spend some time to read through the following tips to ensure a positive experience for your […]
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FAQ: Understanding Allergies

Which are the most common allergies in pets, and what are their causes? Skin and gastrointestinal allergies are the most common in pets. Causes of allergies are multifactorial, with a hypersensitive immune system being the primary cause. This reacts with various allergens to result in signs of allergies. Food allergens are common causes of both […]

Things our pets wish they could tell us…. “My mouth hurts!”

Did you know that, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society,80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by 3 years of age? One easy way of assessing how healthy your dog or cat is by getting it to say “Ahhhh”. Does your pet have bad breath, red/bleeding gums, yellow/brown teeth or loose/missing teeth? If so, […]