Cat Consultation

A stress-free experience begins from home. To find out how you can make the trip a peaceful one for your cat, click here for more information.
When you enter Amber Cat Vet, do place your cat carrier at our concierge counter carrier-shelf or on a chair beside you. Cats prefer to be elevated and away from the ground. A towel will be provided to place over the carrier to shield from bright light and the sight of unfamiliar cats, which may be stressful to some, and later on be used during consultation.

You will be invited into the consultation room prior to your consultation to allow your cat out of the carrier. Place the carrier on the floor, open the carrier door and allow kitty to explore the room. However, if kitty chooses not to leave the carrier, don’t force him/her!

Your veterinarian will begin the consultation by having a chat with you to obtain a medical history while allowing your cat to do as he/she pleases. Sudden approaches by strangers can be especially frightening for cats. Once your cat has calmed down while in the veterinarian’s presence, the examination may begin. If your cat would rather not leave the carrier, your veterinarian will request to open the upper half of the carrier for examination. Your veterinarian’s aim is to minimise handling of your cat that may cause stress; as little holding, repositioning, and restraining as possible.

After the consultation is over, your veterinarian will assist you in returning your cat to the carrier. Bring your cat to the waiting area and place the carrier either at the reception counter carrier-shelf or on a chair. Do remember not to face her carrier to another carrier, as some cats are not comfortable around a cat that they are not familiar with!

Remember to praise kitty for being brave while being outside of the house. A pleasant experience for your cat from the beginning to the end!